Trittico per confectionery products and chocolate


bravoFor heating or cooking, cooling or abating, Bravo created Trittico, a multifunction machine that takes only a square meter of space.  It is made out of two tanks: one upper vertical tank, which heats, cooks and pasteurizes like a pot on fire; and one horizontal lower tank, which  batch-freezes and cools down. The tanks are separated but connected by an internal patented conduit, which ensures product hygiene by preventing any external contamination during the passage from the upper to the lower tank. This system perfectly meets the needs of cream parlours, confectionery and chocolate laboratories, and catering services. Each process has its own peculiarities, with times and temperatures that must be complied with; and this multifunction unit accurately complies with these needs thanks to a digital memory with preset recipes. Several patents guarantee compliance with permitted temperatures, and cooking and freezing times, or stirring speeds, without any room for error thanks to very accurate probes.

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