Automatic Labelling Machine for Salamis and Sausages


ALTECH has recently created an automatic machine for wrap-around labelling of cylindrical salamis and sausages for a German food company. The system is based on the ALline C model, equipped with an ALritma M labelling head. It receives the products on a widened horizontal rollers conveyor and perfectly applies the dispensed labels onto the salami surface by means of a rolling device that can be easily adjusted as the products come in three different shapes, with three different label sizes. Format changes are generally extremely easy to perform.

The system is fitted with a micro inkjet marker for printing repetitive data, in this case sell-by dates. The device is adapted to the labelling head thanks to a special support for third-party printing units. Salamis and sausages are labelled at a speed of 80/min. for small formats and at approximately half this speed for larger formats. ALTECH is a leading manufacturer in Europe of self-adhesive label applicators for all kinds of items, with a wide range of automatic labelling systems for decorating, codifying and identifying products and materials in general.