Lobe depositors for whipped or dense mixes and doughs


The DLV depositor has been designed by GEA to meet the needs of the food industry, which requires versatile machines to cope with an increasingly and constantly developing market.

Thanks to the ILPS (Individual Lobe Pump System) dosing system and to the motorized feed rollers which ensure optimum filling of the chambers, the machine can effortlessly handle fluid, whipped or dense mixes and doughs, even with solid particles such as chocolate chips, candied fruit or nuts.

The machine can be used with different types of baking trays: smooth or bee-hive, metal, cardboard or plastic. All the DLV machine functions are PLC controlled. An operator can program, store and retrieve all working parameters for each product using the user-friendly interface panel.

Safety and hygienic design are built-in: hopper, feed rollers, lobe pumps and nozzles can be easily stripped down for cleaning, whereas the main structure may be washed with a jet of water. All the moving parts have stainless steel protection guards and safety switches.

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