Conveyor lines for coffee


mh-2Over the last two years M. H. Material Handling acquired several orders for packaging lines for either coffee packaged under vacuum or in capsules. The lines start at the exit from the primary packaging machine, and convey the products to the secondary packaging machines, and then to the palletizer. A typical conveying line for vacuum-packed coffee involves the insertion of following devices: seal tester with automatic ejection of non-compliant products; packs tilting and unscrambling equipment (even for multi-packs) for correct feeding to the next machines; spiral elevators or with opposed chains; ideally, even a LIFO accumulation system for the management of machine micro-stops is available.  For coffee in pods or capsules, the typical layout includes even a vertical flow-pack unit or a box filling machine after the capsule filling machine. The MH connecting line includes a capsules recirculation table, suitable to handle a small accumulation, followed by opposed chain elevators in special version. Suspended conveyors provide for the arrangement on several rows and feeding to vertical flow-pack machines, usually two for secondary and one for primary packaging.

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