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Radio-frequency post-baking drying

There are three fundamental phases in baking ovens: development, baking, and colouring/drying. In the last phase, which takes at least one third of the...


Combined machines for fresh pasta

Pastation is a patented combined machine for the production of fresh pasta developed by Pama Parsi Macchine for pasta factories, restaurants and delicatessen. This...



Sustainable meat packaging

ULMA designs packaging solutions to minimize the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of packaging required and wastes, while guaranteeing the food...


Labelling and coding, market trends between personalisation and eco-sustainability

Current trends show that the food industry will focus on the personalisation of products and packaging, this also thanks to modern printing technologies. An...

Semi-automatic depalletizer

Packaging of chocolate

Ergonomic labellers


Patented flour cooling

Controlling the dough temperature is a key factor to obtain consistently high quality in both the artisanal and industrial production of bakery products. In...

Dough cooling system


Development of new functional formulations of fruit jams

Analysis of the quality and nutritional value of functional strawberry marmalade enriched with Chia seeds. The...

Innovation in the realization of smart labels

Development of TTI labels using vegetable oil blends as indicators. Time-temperature control is a critical issue...

Coffee from Burundi, studies for the development of the “Specialty Coffee” supply chain

The DiSTAS of the Catholic University of Piacenza has undertaken a series of studies aimed...

New technologies for improved on-line quality control of different types of pasta

Use of Chia seeds flour for gluten-free pasta. Salvia hispanica L., commonly known as Chia, is...

New tools for the rapid classification of coffe

Quantitative evaluation of the defects of roasted coffee by means of spectroscopy techniques Today, the analysis...


Ecological bottle washer for high speeds

For the PepsiCo Group, Akomag developed the new machine intended for washing recycled glass bottles. Akomag is a flexible and dynamic company that bases its...

Glass bottle filling

Roll-fed labelling

Full plants for breweries


Thermoforming machines for corrosive environments

Colimatic packaging lines are suitable for the packaging of any type of food, including products in brine, especially fresh or cured cheese, as well...

Butter churns