Spiral mixers for pizzeria and bakery

Dell’Oro’s spiral mixers are multifunctional machines characterized by a fast mixing system that provides for quick absorption of large amounts of water thanks to...


Short and long pasta in one solution

Omnia is the answer for those who want to produce various pasta shapes with a small footprint: short pasta like maccheroni or long pasta...


Enrobing unit for tempering machines

ICBelt Top is an enrobing unit for stand-alone tempering machines proposed by ICB Tecnologie suitable for coating pastries and pralines, requiring minimum space and...


Vertical and horizontal sausage fillers

After its initial work in the mechanical machining field on behalf of third parties, Reber started producing small electrical household appliances. Since 1964, it...


 Safe food packaging

Reliable and sturdy machines, equipped with cutting-edge technology, proposed by GNA for the packaging of meat and fish, pasta, rice, baked goods, fruits and...

Cheese flow-pack wrapping

Heavy-duty conveyors


Steel mixers with removable bowl

The MASTER PLUS mixer with removable bowl from Logiudice Forni has a capacity between 160 and 300 kg. The machine frame is made of...

Flour and micro-dosing

Extractor/refiner system


New food packaging films containing polyvinyl alcohol and tea polyphenols

Given the importance of food quality and safety, great attention is paid to developing new...

New bio-nanocomposite materials for food packaging applications

Nanotechnologies have markedly improved the properties of materials. By 2020, their turnover will probably account...

Carrageenan-based formulation for edible film preparation

The efforts for the reduction of packaging wastes are focused on food packaging.  In view...

Nano-ingredients, what can we expect in the coming years?

Food contains nanoparticles, either endogenous or exogenous, voluntary or accidental. Nano-ingredients will be increasingly used...

Application of sensory analysis for discriminating different varieties of rice and development of new formulations of functional pasta

Sensory and descriptive evaluation of Carnaroli and Baldo rice varieties. As a result of the setting...


Energy self-generation

Thanks to Albasystem’s system integrator and to Schneider Electric’s technologies, GAI Macchine Imbottigliatrici has installed in its factory a system for the self-generation of...

Collaborative robots

Washing glass bottles

Bottles for soft drinks

Bottling solutions for beer

Can seamers


Bottling yoghurt in PET

PET offers great freedom on the front of the bottle design and allows to differentiate the brand on supermarket shelves. This material offers an...

Blue Cheese Moulds

Firming of spun curd

New unwrapping system

Clean design valves

CIP cleaning units