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Cube evaporators retarder prover

Gavacold proposes the range of FCK retarder provers to meet the production needs of bakery and pastry. Thanks to internal thermodynamics, they ensure the...


Automatic lines for the production of gnocchi

Pasta Technologies Group designs and builds industrial systems for the production of traditional and gluten-free pasta, as well as gnocchi, and the relevant thermal...


Continuous-cycle tempering machine for chocolate

Gami T600 is an automatic, continuous-cycle tempering machine with uniform and accurate water-bath melting thanks to the heated recirculation pump. The cooling with air...


Sustainable meat packaging

ULMA designs packaging solutions to minimize the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of packaging required and wastes, while guaranteeing the food...


Development of green and bioactive materials for food packaging

Use of hemicellulose for the production of green packaging systems. Due to increased global awareness of environmental issues, combined with the possibility of a decrease...


Atex hoses for powdery products

Pharmadust/AS is the hose proposed by MTG for conveying powders in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Among its properties, there is the possibility of...

Stainless steel provers


Production and stability evaluation of new vegetable preserves

Selection of microbial starters for the production of new fermented sea fennel preserves. Sea fennel (Crithmum...

New tools for the determination of adulteration and for the preservation of pasta products

Rapid method for the quantification of common wheat contamination in pasta. Pasta, the Italian food par...

The agri-food sector, modelling and simulation of refrigeration processes

Both in Europe and in Italy, frozen products are experiencing a continuous increase in consumption...

Variation of bioactive compounds and determination of fungal diseases in coffee

Effects of coffee origin, roasting and storage techniques on coffee polyphenols. Coffee is a rich source...

The exploitation of agri-food waste to produce antioxidant and antimicrobial agents

Agri-food waste from agriculture and the food industry mainly contains plant-based substances (leaves, stems, etc....


Biological plants as monoblocs

Built in a single cylindrical block with horizontal development, the Ecoblock of Depur Padana Acque are biological plants for the purification of water where...

Wine storage tanks

Can filling machines


Glass bottle washing


Transport of curd bundles

Tecnomeccanica Bellucci proposes PF-W4, a system for the automatic collection and handling of curd bundles that makes the work of dairy operators easier and...

CIP cleaning plant

Milk bottling lines