Short and long pasta in one solution

Omnia is the answer for those who want to produce various pasta shapes with a small footprint: short pasta like maccheroni or long pasta...


Mixed approach for determining the quality of chewing gum

Instrumental-sensory evaluation of the texture of chewing-gum at first bite. Chewing-gums are composed of a core (gum base), a variety of sweeteners and flavorings,...


Vertical and horizontal sausage fillers

After its initial work in the mechanical machining field on behalf of third parties, Reber started producing small electrical household appliances. Since 1964, it...


Heavy-duty conveyors

The installation of Danone Waters Interoll heavy-duty gravity conveyors has streamlined the pallet handling of Evian water on platforms. At the end of the...

New unwrapping system

Aseptic bags

A5 labelling on pallets


Extractor/refiner system

Giubileo is an extractor/refiner system totally re-engineered and re-designed from CFT. Thanks to the round tubular design and compact nature it is more easily...


Carrageenan-based formulation for edible film preparation

The efforts for the reduction of packaging wastes are focused on food packaging.  In view...

Nano-ingredients, what can we expect in the coming years?

Food contains nanoparticles, either endogenous or exogenous, voluntary or accidental. Nano-ingredients will be increasingly used...

Application of sensory analysis for discriminating different varieties of rice and development of new formulations of functional pasta

Sensory and descriptive evaluation of Carnaroli and Baldo rice varieties. As a result of the setting...

Assessment of the quality of gluten-free products and effect of critical variables on the glycaemic index of pasta

Gluten-free pasta and bread: analysis of the quality of products available on the Italian market....

Food industry and dust explosion risk

Thermal stability problems and, consequently, explosive events may occur in the food industry, when organic...


Washing glass bottles

Hydra 8.2 reaches a speed of 37,500 bottles/hour in washing recycled glass bottles. Designed by Akomag and featuring an automated washing cycle, it reduces...

Bottles for soft drinks

Bottling solutions for beer

Can seamers


Firming of spun curd

GEA-CMT produces single- and double-level brine and firming tanks for spun curd cheese production. Designed according to the required cheese size, hourly rate and...

New unwrapping system

Clean design valves

CIP cleaning units

Lactose elimination

Membrane filtration