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Easy-to-handle computerized depository machines for pastry and bakery

All computerized biscuit depository machines produced by Delfin have been designed to be versatile and easy to handle and to meet the various processing...




Sausages in synthetic casing or calibrated/elastic net

The clipping machine CLXP 260 from Inox Meccanica is designed to automatically fill synthetic or Nutrafilm casings and calibrated/elastic nets with products of different...

Sustainable meat packaging


Wrappers for Kraft paper

With the recent launch of the Rocket E-500 pallet wrapper, a system that uses Kraft paper instead of plastic film, ACMI marks a new...


Counter-top cutters for pineapple and watermelon

PND is an all-Italian company that for more than twenty years has been manufacturing industrial  fruit processing machines. The company has made its “tailoring” design...


New analytical methods for the rapid determination of coffee quality

Use of NIR spectroscopy and chemometrics to predict the concentration of different compounds in unroasted...

Development of new methods for authentication and improvement of pulp quality

Application offor the quantification of a specific wheat genotype in pasta. Digital Polymerase Chain reaction (Digital...

Optimization of the 3D printing process and analysis of rheological properties for the transport of chocolate

Effect of print speed and ambient temperature on the stability of 3D chocolate products. 3D printing...

Applications of two-dimensional materials in food packaging

Yu et al. have summarized in an article (Trends in Food Science & Technology 2021,)...

New strategies for the improvement and determination of rice quality

Autoclaving treatment to improve the quality of germinated brown rice. Germinated brown rice (GBR) is a...


Shrink sleeve labeling

Finpac Italia, supplier of shrink sleeve labelling lines, has taken on a new look with the entry of the Italian holding  IZH and the...


DOP cheese sweepers

Now in its seventh year of life, continues to develop solutions for the complete automation of the aging warehouses of traditional Italian DOP cheeses. The...

Air conditioning systems