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Bread baking: Effect of environmental conditions on product quality and prediction...

Effect of temperature on the inactivation of deteriorating fungi during bread baking. Fungi are the main microorganisms involved in the contamination and consequent deterioration of...


Lines for ravioli, gnocchi, trofie and cavatelli

Italgi manufactures a wide range of machines and equipment for the production and treatment of edible pasta, meeting all the needs of pasta professionals,...



Sustainable meat packaging

ULMA designs packaging solutions to minimize the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of packaging required and wastes, while guaranteeing the food...


X-ray inspection

Packital distributes the X-ray inspection systems of Mekitec, global manufacturer of systems for the food quality control, based on X-ray technology. Certain products cannot...

Vane vacuum pumps


Ultrasound and biosensors used for quality control of noodle dough

Development of an ultrasonic system for on-line quality control of noodle dough. The dynamic evaluation of food characteristics during production is essential for improving the...


Coffee from Burundi, studies for the development of the “Specialty Coffee” supply chain

The DiSTAS of the Catholic University of Piacenza has undertaken a series of studies aimed...

New technologies for improved on-line quality control of different types of pasta

Use of Chia seeds flour for gluten-free pasta. Salvia hispanica L., commonly known as Chia, is...

New tools for the rapid classification of coffe

Quantitative evaluation of the defects of roasted coffee by means of spectroscopy techniques Today, the analysis...

The future of polyesters from renewable resources

The current technological, social and economic situation stimulates research aimed at developing materials from renewable...

New food packaging films containing polyvinyl alcohol and tea polyphenols

Given the importance of food quality and safety, great attention is paid to developing new...


Still water is better in gallon bottles

A simple but energetic washing and sanitizing cycle, precise filling and capping, characterize the Sira monoblocs: the starting point for automation.  In recent years there...

Warehouse shelving

Fruit juice tanks

Pneumatic pumps


Filling technology for ESL beverages

During the recent years, a key trend in the market for dairy products has resulted in the demand and consequent development of a wide...

Cultures for making yogurt

Cheese salting