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Coupling machine for macarons and biscuits

Founded in 2000 from twenty years of experience in industrial automation, DSC is highly specialised in processing dried fruit, cocoa, and confectionery products; now...



Detection of low-density items and contaminants

The new DualX HR Inspection System of Anritsu (Japan) is at the forefront of detecting contaminants and foreign objects, even of low density, offering...

Sustainable meat packaging


Comparison of Sorting Systems for Packaging

Technology from Material Handling ensures efficient and dependable in the product handling, offering advantages like speed, safety and gentle handling of products.  Sorter systems serve...


Insulated tanks for cocoa paste and butter

The tanks of the TCX Lab, TCX Mikro and TCX Mega series from MCM Massa have been developed for industrial use. They are designed...


Application of a new spectroscopic method and an alternative roasting process for chocolate production

Direct analysis of chocolate components by dispersive Raman spectroscopy. The production of chocolate involves several processing...

Analysis of the presence of chemotherapeutic agents and fungal contamination in honey

Assessment of contamination from farmed chemotherapeutics in comb honey. Misuse of chemotherapeutic agents in livestock farming...

Preservation of Sicilian red oranges and mango by dehydration

Effects of convective dehydration and subsequent storage in modified atmosphere on Sicilian red oranges. Among the...

Effect of fermentation and roasting on the quality of coffee

Impact of two different roasting processes on the content of pyridines in coffee originating from...

New tools for the identification of adulteration phenomena and the traceability of tomato derivatives

Use of the electronic nose to detect adulteration in tomato concentrate. Food adulteration is a phenomenon...


Beer Quality Control

Smart Analysis is DNA Phone's platform for breweries looking for a convenient way to conduct independent analysis and quality control of their product throughout...

CIP with in-line control


Automatic production of Burrata cheese

With Mozzamatic brand, Prima proposes Mozza-Burrata 2T, a new machine for the automatic production of Burrata without operators or external inputs. The unit consists of...

UHT cream pasteuriser

Universal vats for cheese

ERP for the dairy industry