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  • n.5 - November 2020
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Automatic lines for the production of gnocchi

Pasta Technologies Group designs and builds industrial systems for the production of traditional and gluten-free pasta, as well as gnocchi, and the relevant thermal...



Sustainable meat packaging

ULMA designs packaging solutions to minimize the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of packaging required and wastes, while guaranteeing the food...


Aluminium coffee capsules

The TLCM30 box filling machine for the packaging of coffee capsules is the ultimate solution Senzani Brevetti offers to the market. This form&fill machine from...

Semi-automatic depalletizer


Pneumatic conveying of powders and granules

RGS Vacuum Systems has developed the pneumatic conveyors BT-H (Blue Tech-Hopper), for the handling of different types of bulk materials (powders, pellets, granules and...

Patented flour cooling


The exploitation of agri-food waste to produce antioxidant and antimicrobial agents

Agri-food waste from agriculture and the food industry mainly contains plant-based substances (leaves, stems, etc....

New approach for the study of the crumb structure formation and baking of gluten-free bread

Study of the crumb structure formation in gluten-free bread baked in a electrical resistance oven. Scope...

Development of new functional formulations of fruit jams

Analysis of the quality and nutritional value of functional strawberry marmalade enriched with Chia seeds. The...

Innovation in the realization of smart labels

Development of TTI labels using vegetable oil blends as indicators. Time-temperature control is a critical issue...

Coffee from Burundi, studies for the development of the “Specialty Coffee” supply chain

The DiSTAS of the Catholic University of Piacenza has undertaken a series of studies aimed...


Case erectors

Mondo & Scaglione presents the case erector Mod. 378/C, which can reach a speed of 42 cases/min. The main features are: Long-autonomy case magazine,...

Semi-automatic depalletizer

Glass bottle filling

Roll-fed labelling


Milk bottling lines

BBM Packaging designs and manufactures tailor-made bottling solutions, able to meet even special application requirements. Especially for the dairy sector, where it is important...

Butter churns