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Bagging machine for bread rolls, bread loaves and sliced bread

New Life is a semi-automatic bagging and sealing machine for medium-large production units proposed by Comiz for the packaging of bread rolls, loaves and...


Production of double sheet ravioli

La Parmigiana, with its almost 70 years of experience in the construction of machines and plants for the production of pasta, launches its automatic...


Optical sorting of candied and dried fruit and gummies

Unyco is a vision software that controls all Raytec Vision optical sorting machines. A single platform for eight different products, designed to simplify the...


Sustainable meat packaging

ULMA designs packaging solutions to minimize the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of packaging required and wastes, while guaranteeing the food...


Adding value to the packaging process with robots

Known worldwide for its conveyor systems, FlexLink also offers safe and user-friendly robotic solutions for secondary packaging, such as machine feeding or collaborative and...


Sanitary lobe pumps

For the safe and delicate transfer of products like cottage cheese, cream cheese, full-fat yogurt with or without fruit pieces. In the milk and dairy...

Aroma recovery unit


New technologies for improved on-line quality control of different types of pasta

Use of Chia seeds flour for gluten-free pasta. Salvia hispanica L., commonly known as Chia, is...

New tools for the rapid classification of coffe

Quantitative evaluation of the defects of roasted coffee by means of spectroscopy techniques Today, the analysis...

The future of polyesters from renewable resources

The current technological, social and economic situation stimulates research aimed at developing materials from renewable...

New food packaging films containing polyvinyl alcohol and tea polyphenols

Given the importance of food quality and safety, great attention is paid to developing new...

New bio-nanocomposite materials for food packaging applications

Nanotechnologies have markedly improved the properties of materials. By 2020, their turnover will probably account...


Inspection of bricks and doy-packs

Clavistec Pen-Tec provides tools for control and inspection of foreign bodies with X-ray technology. The EL-400/V series, in particular, is designed for the control...

Monoblock for glass bottles


Extruders for cheese, curd, and butter

Scansteel Foodtech manufactures a wide range of in extruders and emulsifiers for cheese in blocks, curd and butter, even frozen; they are available in...

Pot fillers for ricotta

Energy-saving plants

Circular screening