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Plastic components for baking process

D.H. Lamina manufactures plastic components through CNC machining, paying attention to the full compliance with the regulations concerning the food industry defined by the ...


Control on powders and granulates

RSL200 tuning-fork switches distributed by Comastri allow the control of thresholds set for powders and granules. The tuning fork is electrically excited and borates...


Automatic coating of chocolate truffles

Covering chocolate truffles has never been easier thanks to Top Truffle, the special conveyor belt developed by ICB Tecnologie. For a perfect truffle coating...


Sausages in synthetic casing or calibrated/elastic net

The clipping machine CLXP 260 from Inox Meccanica is designed to automatically fill synthetic or Nutrafilm casings and calibrated/elastic nets with products of different...

Sustainable meat packaging


Packaging efficiently and sustainably with Schubert

Gerhard Schubert GmbH’s first trade fair appearance of 2023 is the CFIA in Rennes. From 14 to 16 March, visitors will have an opportunity...


Thermal power plants: energy efficiency and respect for the environment

For the food industry, energy efficiency upgrades mean a reduction in costs and environmental impact. There are several solutions on the market: Burners, economizers,...

Butterfly valves


Inks applied on cardboard for food spoilage monitoring

Controlling food spoilage is a critical issue, not only to ensure the quality and safety...

New drying and microbial inactivation technologies for the tomato processing industry

The purpose of a recent study carried out by a group of international researchers (Al-Hilphy...

An overview of antimicrobial plastics

Plastic food packaging increasingly contains antibacterial agents to prolong the shelf-life of food. Antimicrobial agents are...

Effect of the baking process on the quality of various bakery products

Influence of partial baking time, freezing rate and storage time on the quality of partially...

New approaches to improve the properties of conventional dough and cookies obtained by 3D printing

Effect of high-pressure treatments on the microbiological charge of biscuit dough. Refrigerated dough has a potential...


Container sanitizing for safe bottling

This is what WAB guarantees with its small- and large-scale plants, aimed at customers who are more attentive to the correct use of resources...

Cans Depalletizers


Aseptic filling of low and high acid liquids

The new completely automatic Mustang aseptic filler with double filling head proposed by FBR Elpo is built in stainless steel and designed for the...

CIP washing systems

Hygienic double-screw pumps