Who we are

Italian Food Tech

The first on-line magazine specialized in food processing and packaging technologies.

Italian Food Tech is an international online magazine in English language that supports producers of food processing technologies willing to export their products worldwide. The magazine is conceived to provide continuous updating on new food processing up to packaging technologies throughout the food production chain: pasta and pizza, bakery, chocolate, coffee, confectionery products, meats and sausages, preserved fruits and vegetables. The magazine guarantees continuous updates on latest developments concerning machines, materials and processes, as well as market trends, research and technologies for the food industry. Specific section dedicated to the world of packaging, with the analysis of all its aspects: latest trends in design and innovation, materials, packaging and end-of-line technologies (labeling, marking, coding, handling, palletizing).


The magazine target readers range from technical production managers to buyers and logistics managers, from marketing managers to research and development managers working in the food industry products, such as pasta, bread, baked goods, confectionery products, chocolate, coffee, meats and sausages, fresh and preserved fruits and vegetables).


The power of “Made in Italy”

The tradition of Italian food is protagonist outside our borders and this success must not make us forget how important and strategic is to understand its secret. This combination of tradition, now consolidated, and innovation are the basis of experience in continuous transformation that the entire world envies us. In the magazine interview with key personalities who have made, and continue to make, great “Made in Italy” of food, beverage and dairy.

Food at 360°

Italian Food Tech covers the world of food at 360°, providing a comprehensive overview of technologies for food processing and packaging, offering high visibility to all the stakeholders focusing on export.