Preparations for pastries, chocolate, and ice cream


Entirely made of stainless steel Aisi 316L, Qbo is equipped with micro-serrated blades knife; bowl scraper; speed adjustment, plc and software; steam generator; cooling water & chiller; automatic cleaning program; pneumatic product extrusion; automatic product ejection for liquid and semi-liquid products; loading hopper with butterfly valve; inspection glass with windscreen wider; internal bowl light for process control; vacuum system; automatic bowl tilting movements; lip opening and closing; steam generator, compressor; USB connection for updates and support.

Produced by Roboqbo, this food processing system can transform food and fix any type of product in just a few minutes and in a single process. The new 4 series is equipped with WiFi- ready, a voice system that communicates each step of the process for greater control, and totally automated CIP washing. The range includes models from 8 to 86 litres.