Coupling machine for macarons and biscuits


Founded in 2000 from twenty years of experience in industrial automation, DSC is highly specialised in processing dried fruit, cocoa, and confectionery products; now the company has extended activity to industrial lines to produce energy / dietary bars and snacks. The company’s latest achievement is MAK 2-4, a robotic system for the coupling of various products, as macarons, waffles, biscuits, Baci di Dama, etc.

The two models differ in the dosage of two or four half-shells at the same time: RAM2 with production from 1600 to 1900 pieces/h, RAM4 with production from 1900 to 2900 pieces/h. The work cycle is guaranteed by a robot configurable by the operator. The half-shells, with diameters from 30 to 70 mm, can be filled with creams, chocolate, or jam. Dosing is carried out by volumetric depositors controlled by a brushless motor.

The basic version of the plant provides for manual loading of the half-shells from the pan to the infeed conveyor. At the exit, coupled products are arranged in rows. The conveying system can be connected to a packaging plant or a cooling tunnel. Among the optionals available, there are heated hopper, customized pick-up system, automatic pan unloading, chocolate tempering unit.