Production of jam and marmalade, ganache creams, and toppings     


RS Tecnology manufactures multi-purpose machines that produce jams, marzipan, almond and hazelnut paste, creams, ice cream bases, toppings, glazings, caramel, ganache, pralines, fruit jellies, puff pastry.

The operation is very simple: just pour the ingredients of the recipe into the bowl and seal it tightly. The robot starts its cycle that includes one or more of the following functions: cooking, concentration, cutting, mixing, homogenising.

For heating the robot does not require a steam generator, because it uses electromagnetic induction, allowing energy savings and ease of use. For the concentration phase it uses the vacuum generated by a liquid ring pump, while for cutting and mixing it uses different types of blades and tools mounted on the main shaft. The emulsifying head and the scraper mounted on the cover shaft are used to emulsify. Production volumes range from 4 to 210 l/cycle.