Roasters under the banner of sustainability


STA Impianti proposes roasters with combustion chambers in heat-resistant steel, which provide for quality roasting, preservation of the product’s organoleptic properties and safety.

These machines allow to improve yield and homogeneity of the product, by significantly reducing preheating times and achieving excellent savings in terms of consumptions of electric energy, gas and labour. These roasters guarantee an overall energy saving ranging between 20 and 25% compared to conventional systems (data collected by the meters installed on board).

In addition to the mechanical innovations, these roasters feature a state-of-the-art software, for the full control of all parameters of the roaster; they also offer endless possibilities of customization and implementation of interfaces for the control of the system.

The software, developed internally, allows the traceability and auto-generation of production batches thanks to the data exchange between the roaster and the customer’s management database.