Liquid natural yeast at a controlled temperature


Bakers and pizza chefs can generate a liquid natural yeast allowing them to work more easily, and to obtain a product that is consistently uniform fragrant and digestible. Domino proposes the Mama series, a new way to work natural yeast including machines equipped with programs that allow a precise control of times and temperature.

Mama is available in three versions, with tank capacities of 17, 30 and 120 litres, which can be equipped with manual or touch display. One of the advantages offered by these machines is the possibility of storing the liquid natural yeast at a controlled temperature, to obtain a product which is always uniform. They also improve the processing times by reducing onerous yeast “refreshing” required by the traditional method.

The series is designed with some refinements that facilitate its use: a removable tap that facilitates yeast removal operations; removable tools for easier cleaning; dust filter to protect the chiller unit; and electronic display to program the processing phases.