Analysis systems for milk, butter and cheese


CDR FoodLab is the analysis system for milk and dairy products to perform quality controls throughout the production process.

All types of milk (cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, etc.) can be tested for: lactose, urea, L-lactic acid, ammonia, chloride, alkaline phosphatase, peroxidase, Ɛ-fructosyl-lisine (Furosine).

The system can determine the quality of low-fat or whole milk, raw or pasteurized, without any kind of previous sample treatment. No calibration or maintenance is required, as the analyzer is supplied pre-calibrated. The system, consisting of a photometric analyzer and a dedicated kit of single-use pipettes, can be used to test a wide range of  cheeses and dairy products (as yoghurt, butter, cottage cheese) with a minimal sample preparation.

It can run several analyses at the same time on the same sample or 16 different assays for the same parameter on a batch of different samples. In co-operation with Parmalat, CDR conducted a comparative study which shows that the analyser is able to perform extemporary measurements in a short time (8 minutes) with a very limited number of manual operations.

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