Industrial Washing and Disinfection


Velox Barchitta was the first company to introduce industrial washing in Italy. Founded in 1929 by Antonino Barchitta, the Company designs and manufactures systems for industrial washing and disinfection, exporting multi-sector solutions worldwide that combine high efficiency with very low costs.

For the dairy industry, for example, the Company has produced the BLF series, cheese washing tunnels for cheese wheels with a diameter of 120 to 350 mm and a thickness of 40 to 300 mm weighing 2-8 kg. According to the maturing, these tunnels can wash up to one cheese wheel every 6 seconds at a pressure ranging from 20 to 100 bar. Washing is done with clean water and without any contact between the cheese wheels to eliminate any risk of contamination.

The structure of the machine is completely made of stainless steel, with insulated double walls, bevelled and butt-welded sheets to avoid joints where dirt can accumulate. The upper part of the washing area is highly hygienic because it uses the total wing opening system that facilitates machine cleaning. The BLF series can also be inserted in-line and equipped with drying.

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