In-line and portable markers


Villa is a company with four highly specialised product divisions, including the one dedicated to industrial and portable markers. The picture shows two of the most popular products in the range: The in-line and portable markers.

The InLine Primo IFL marker offers communication capability that surpasses that of high-resolution (600 dpi) industrial inkjet printers. It fits perfectly into any production line and can be integrated into the company’s network through several inputs and outputs; furthermore, it can communicate with equipment upstream and downstream.

For the marking, different inks and colours can be used on various materials, such as cardboard, plastic, glass and metal. The portable jetStamp 2585 marker is ideal for printing on large areas such as pallets, cardboard boxes or packages. Completely cable-free, it can be installed in a fixed position and used with an inkjet.

The built-in display shows the print images that have been set up, which always remain easily readable. These images can be transferred to the marker via Bluetooth or USB. Easy printing is ensured by three integrated buttons, positioned on the side and in the centre of the handle.

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