Effective Factory Monitoring and Management


Turck Banner introduces Siineos IIoT: an operating system that turns Turck’s IM18-CCM control cabinet guard into a plug & play solution for smart monitoring. It is a scalable and customisable solution for simple and effective factory monitoring and management.

Specifically, the integrated InCore framework provides a wide range of ready-to-use applications that can be used to easily operate the integrated interfaces and sensors, as well as all standard network and industrial protocols. You can also create your own programs and apps or load them just like on a smartphone.

The web-based wizard accompanies the setup, so that even you can configure the security and monitoring system yourself. This allows easy access to internal sensors for temperature, humidity and door distance and the parametrization of diverse interfaces. Via the integrated OpenVPN client, the unit can establish a secure connection to IT in the field and enable remote access to the device as well as optionally to connected machines.