Slicing of hard and soft cheeses


TXF03 is proposed by Facchinetti for slicing cheese wheels into fixed numbers or sizes or fixed weight portions. Equipped with 2 mm thick steel blades, this linear portion slicer allows quick and easy programming thanks to its intuitive multi-language operator panel.

The cheese wheel is weighed manually, and the data passed automatically to the machine programmer that measures the length of the bar and calculates the number of slices to be made. The safety system immediately stops the blade if the access doors to the cutting section are opened. Constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel, the slicer’s operation is electro-pneumatic.

The electrical components are Siemens, the pneumatic ones are SMC, and safety components are signed Telemécanique. The main technical specifications are: Productivity 35-40 portions/min; one-phase 380V electrical connection; size 2479x1760x1258 mm, work table 900 mm. Equipped with the Industry 4.0 package, the machine is complete with a touch-screen control panel (IP65) with four cutting programs and software in multiple languages.

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