Production control for fresh and aged cheese


To improve processes and save costs, digital transformation is useful throughout the production chain. To do this better, CSB-System has developed a dairy-specific ERP, optimally designed for dairy products.

It is a complete, modular, and integrated ERP that, according to commercial needs, allows the generation of production plans for the various types of cheese production. The milk preparation required for the different processing steps (mixing, activation, flocculation) can be handled very intuitively with M-ERP functionality.

For each processing step, you can create a batch and record the discharge from the cost centre of the delivery and tank. Operators have real-time access to all information on the milk present in the tanks, including procurement and traceability across all previous value-added steps.

Based on production orders, the software allocates costs for each product, which then define the industrial price. Simple, intuitive touch screens simplify workers’ work routines: from data entry to the entire production flow.