Ingredients and flavorings for any product


Hedessent is the new food division of FlavourArt, a brand that is the result of an entrepreneurial history that began at the end of the last century and continues today in the process of innovation. A synthesis of more than 30 years of research and knowledge in the field of flavours, the brand was born with the aim of creating the perfect flavour for each product.

Because a well-thought-out flavour must blend harmoniously with the product, characterizing it, being easy to dose and ensuring continuity of results. The company, capable of producing individual batches up to 800 kg/h of product, can also handle small productions (batches of 4-5 kg/h) and has recently been equipped with Spray Dry atomizers.

The ingredients used to create a flavour come from European suppliers and are certified. The products are customized and designed for the specific needs of each customer, but more than a thousand ready-made ingredients and essences are still available in stock. The catalogue includes a wide range of fruity, but also vegetable-based flavourings (celery, carrot or onion, for example) and spices. All flavours are Infant Grade, Gluten Free, Allergen Free, GMO Free, Vegan.