Sustainable meat packaging


ULMA designs packaging solutions to minimize the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of packaging required and wastes, while guaranteeing the food safety and protecting the shelf-life of the products, using more sustainable materials. LeafSkin is one of the most sustainable packaging solutions , with plastic reduction of up to 80%.

It is based on a 100% recyclable flat cardboard tray and all the different materials are fully separable. Reduced Scrap is another sustainable packaging solution. It is a Darfresh packaging solution with a film scrap reduction of up to 40%, created for products that allow the creation of a vacuum through specially designed air holes in the bottom film.

The skin pack packaging machine TFS 407 R minimizes film waste, and is equipped with a lower air extraction mechanism that minimizes film scraps while increasing the cycle speed by 12% compared to conventional skin-packaging machines.

The TSA 540S model is suitable for the LeafSkin system. FM 300 C is designed for the packaging of fresh products in modified atmosphere using shrink barrier film (BDF).  In line with the company’s principle of sustainability, this machine reduces the plastic used for the package.