Detection of low-density items and contaminants


The new DualX HR Inspection System of Anritsu (Japan) is at the forefront of detecting contaminants and foreign objects, even of low density, offering a reliable and accurate solution.

Marketed in Italy by Gherri Meat Technology, this system is equipped with a high-resolution dual-energy sensor for enhanced detection performance such as minute bones and metals, even when it comes to thicker products or products with highly uneven surfaces. It is specifically designed to detect low-density foreign objects (metals, light contaminants, bones) that are not detectable by standard X-ray systems.

The most common applications of this technology are found in the poultry industry for the detection of bones up to 1 mm thick in chicken breasts and thighs. In addition, the dedicated detection algorithms have improved the sensitivity to detect fine metals and small bones up to 0.5 mm.