Sausages in synthetic casing or calibrated/elastic net


The clipping machine CLXP 260 from Inox Meccanica is designed to automatically fill synthetic or Nutrafilm casings and calibrated/elastic nets with products of different size.

Main feature of this machine is its flexibility: it can pack many different products by simply replacing the stuffing horn in an easy and fast way.

It can be equipped to operate with casing, or casing and net or, thanks to a special device, with edible film and net. It must be connected to a vacuum casing machine to operate. If the casing machine is not equipped with a portioning device, the machine can size  the portion by controlling its length.

Among the available accessories, different casings  stand out: for large products with a high degree of vacuum, for products to be cooked  or ham, mortadella and similar products in cubes, for whole anatomical parts or roasts. The machine can be equipped with a router for remote support, in line with Industry 4.0, able to communicate with production plants and company management systems for remote control.