Industrial marking and coding


Marketed by Marking Products, the continuous ink-jet printer of the UX series from Hitachi marks an important evolution: Ink and solvent cartridges have been replaced with pre-packed cartridges. These units can print up to six lines of text, barcodes, 2D codes and graphics.

The inking systems using cartridges, and the layout of the main components are designed to reduce and simplify maintenance. These ink-jet printers are operated and stopped at the end of the shift by pressing a button; there is no need for cleaning or other interventions. The user interface based on graphic icons has a 10.4”  touch screen with colour display and WYSIWYG functionality.

The series includes several models, among which there are: The UX-B model with three lines of text and basic functions for the marking of lot number and expiry date; the UX-D model with up to six lines of text and various functions; the UX-P for pigmented inks; and the premium high-performing UX-E model. The versions can be for micro-characters, large characters, or suitable for high speed production.

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