Technologies for food & beverage industry


Turnkey machinery dedicated to achieving a high level of manufacturing quality, allowing to produce tanks efficiently.

The long experience of Imcar in production of tanks of different sizes with Horizontal and Vertical Technologies has encouraged the Company to improve design and innovative equipment since several years by now. The purpose is to satisfy a wide range of industrial sectors: food and beverage, petroleum, pharmaceutics, chemical products, liquid gases, etc. offering the solutions depending on requirements.

This technology, in particular, is a turnkey machinery dedicated to achieving a high level of manufacturing quality, allowing to produce tanks effectively and efficiently. The present tendency shows a high request of Vertical Technologies due to the current necessity of Food Industry, allowing several advantages: reduction of production time and of working floor space, high quality and standardization levels, lower number of skilled personnel, production of tanks without contaminations, inside ring to connect shells is no more necessary, possibility to connect shells with different thicknesses, no “barrel effect” , coils and plate feeding with fast and easy replacement, possibility to plant “on site” the system, “easy way” to move the plant to multiple locations, presence of materials and protective devices designed for outdoor use and so forth.

In addition to all above-mentioned strengths, it is important to consider the attention paid to constant upgrades and safety, according to the different countries norms that customers have to face. Furthermore, not to be underestimated the constant development of welding technologies thanks to the strict relationship with the generators manufacturer companies, letting the solutions of Imcar be always state-of-the-art.

Temperature Exchange Technology

Among the multiple accessory machineries, dealing with the whole tank construction, there is the Full Automatic Half Pipe Forming, Bending and Welding Technology, a revolutionizing installation created by Imcar for temperature exchange, proposed in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

This technology consists of an automatic solution for forming, bending and welding stainless steel half pipe directly on the whole body of tank or on sections of it in one-step with just one operator. First of all the forming line allows to form and bend the profile according to the dimension and shape of the half pipe required by customer and to the tank diameters, just starting from coil. At the same time, the profile is welded on the body of the tank, as silos lay horizontally over motorized and idle positioners, so that the whole process can occur in continuous mode.

Moreover, the automatic management of the essential parameters through the CNC Control, that is tank diameter, half pipe width and half pipe step, guarantees a constant quality of profile manufacture, its correct position on the body of the tanks and its accurate welding. This is a concept of production that let reduce up to 70% production time in comparison to the traditional manual process, so a revolution for tanks producers dealing with food and beverage application.


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