Safe&cooperative robots


Sick LifeTime Services is a comprehensive set of high-quality services provided to support the entire life cycle of products and increase the safety of people and boost the productivity of machines. To increase the safety means also increase productivity, and Sick experts provide Customers with machine-specific analyses and design concepts, as well as engineering services such as programming and functionality and safety checks. A documented risk assessment analysis, in compliance with ISO 121000, allows to ensure customers effectivness and competitivity, since the compliance with standards and regulatios is programmed as integral part of the project. A Risk Assessment Report will be provided with proposed solutions for each of the hazards, to achieve the necessary risk reduction and become compliant with EN regulations; functional description of the global concept, including safety areas; layout with the position of safety-related equipment; functional safety assessment of the parts related to the safety of control equipment; detection and measuring of mechanical protections, including height, safe distance, maximum opening; specifications of safety requirements; basis for the development of hardware and software concepts. All this guarantees higher machine safety according with best practices, health and safety standards in compliance with EN requirements.

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