Automatic grissini machine


Automatic grissini machines GR/25A and L manufactured by Italpan are assembled on a trolley for a minimum footspace when in stand-by. The standard equipment includes an adjustable press ensuring an even thickness of the dough when it enters into the die. In addition to the standard press, on request other models with diameters ranging from 6 to 24 mm are available. Easily interchangeable, and fitted in the back part of the machine, the die is equipped with dough scraper. The Grissini machine is suitable also for the production of Taralli, and satisfies the need of both industrial and handicraft firms. The cutting device is powered by an independent motor. Model L is equipped with: die with 73 mm roller, to aid the passage of different types of dough; 1900-mm exit belt, so that several cuts can be carried out before stopping the machine for unloading; 900-mm roller conveyor for loading. All surfaces in touch with the dough are in stainless steel or Teflon, or painted with food-grade paint (epoxy-polyester BT white). The dough is cut either manually or via an electric control programmed with a timer for continuous operation. The speed of the unloading conveyor is adjustable to prevent stretching of dough accumulation; the production of dough is of 50 kg/h.

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