Automatic production of Burrata cheese


With Mozzamatic brand, Prima proposes Mozza-Burrata 2T, a new machine for the automatic production of Burrata without operators or external inputs.

The unit consists of a special integrated moulder machine, which receives the stretched curd directly from a continuous stretcher, and a hopper designed for Stracciatella accumulation that is automatically injected inside the mozzarella through two dosing heads. The unit can produce 6 Burrate per filling cycle and, thanks to the double dosing station, it can reach a production capacity of 2100 p.p.h.

All this takes place in an environment where the finished product is totally isolated from all types of contamination. Complete process automation enhances hygienic and security standards. The unit is prepared for CIP washing, ensuring easy and accurate sanitization of the whole system.

Through some additional accessories, the unit can produce various formats (50, 125, 200, 250 g); and the combination with the Mozza-Stretcher continuous water stretcher automates the feeding process, preventing accumulation and clogging.

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