UHT cream pasteuriser


Fraugroup‘s UHT pasteuriser is an essential piece of equipment for companies and dairies aiming for high-quality cream-based products.

Combining technology, design and energy efficiency, the pasteurizer represents an investment for those who seek maximum safety.

It ensures product sterilization to 140 °C and is available in semi-automatic and automatic version. Thanks to the PLC and to the plc and the software with graphical interface, it allows precise process control and automatic recording of flow parameters. The three-stage heat exchanger ensures energy efficiency.

With delivery pump and flow meter, the plant ensures optimal flow management: If the product does not reach the required temperature before it is bottled, it returns to the buffer tank. The unit is assembled on one or more skids according to the specific type and application needs. Equipped with a steam unit and stainless-steel valves, it is designed to ensure a long and reliable service life. The strategic layout of pipes and devices is particularly user-friendly.

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