Plants for crackers and biscuits


Laser has been specializing for years in the supply of complete plants for food industry and bakery products such as lines for the automatic production of biscuits, crackers, soft biscuits, cakes, plum cakes and tin bread.

Each line is taken care and customized in every single detail according to the requests of the customer and to the characteristics of the final product. With more than 450 production lines installed in more than 200 countries worldwide with a strong presence in emerging markets even with local production units, the company aims to become a reference point for technological innovations in machinery for bakery products.

These innovations are always the result of a team effort with the final customers, real end-users of the machinery for bakery products. Present today their new range of pre-assembled modular tunnel ovens, to be installed in half of the usual time, as well as a new full automatic rotary moulder machine designed for minimum cleaning and changeover time.

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