Energy-saving plants


Prototech is a food process engineering firm specialized in the milk and dairy sector. The company proposes engineering solutions oriented to energy saving, food safety and reliability.

Thanks to its twenty years of experience in the Pharma and Dairy sectors, the designed and manufactured equipment is progressive and ensures high food security, considerably reducing the risks of organoleptic alterations and contamination due to bacterial load. In addition to performance control, the control systems involve the creation of recipes and dosages and their correction, including the traceability of the whole process.

The complete plants are made entirely in stainless steel, and include units for the preparation of the ingredients, heat treatment unit with energy recovery during pasteurization (heat and cold), cleanable tanks for the storage and monitoring of the product, distribution loop of the fluid and appropriate CIP washing.

The project can include also the treatment, storage and management of process water, as well as installations for the recovery of process, washing and service water.

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