Pizza ovens with static or rotating plate


Di Fiore Forni has been manufacturing professional pizza ovens since 1959, and today offers a wide range of wood-fired, gas-fired, and electric models in two different configurations: Traditional with static or rotating plate.

The design and subsequent construction of professional bakery ovens was due to the increasing demand of customers, who wanted ovens that could respect the tradition of baked bread in wood ovens but easier to operate. In large prefabricated furnaces, the cooking process occurs directly and uniformly in the same combustion chamber; trays are loaded with baking loaders or automatic loaders; wood is loaded through a small furnace equipped with an adjustable air intake door, grill and drawer.

The baking plate is always clean because the wood burns in the cooking chamber, and falling ashes are collected into a metal drawer under it. The low vault of the cooking chamber, the insulation, the shape of the fume exhauster and relevant valves allow fuel savings. Temperature control in the cooking chamber is carried out with precision digital instruments.

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