Dosing and dispensing systems for micro-ingredients liquid and in powder


Lawer developed technologies for the automatic single- or multi-weighing of powder and liquid products. The company supports food manufacturers with systems for the dosing of micro-ingredients in powder that ensure productivity, quality, repeatability, and traceability.

The picture shows Supersinco, a machine for the precise and safe automatic dosing of the products required for the preparation of compounds in automatic thermoformed bags. The modular configuration is based on the number of products used, and the physical characteristics and the packaging used. At each cycle, the package is placed on a moving tray and transported on a U-route to the different dosing units.

When the container reaches the dispensing position, the scale lifts it and starts the dosing procedure. At the end of the loop, the bags are closed and automatically transferred to boxes or pallets. The main features are: Throughput over 60 bags/hr; automated powder weighing; recipe repeatability; operation traceability; integration with external software company systems.

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