An exceptional approach to constructing mixed-layer pallets


In today’s bustling fresh-bakery market, competitiveness is fierce, and the imperative to swiftly deliver goods to maintain their freshness presents a myriad of challenges.

 Within this realm of high volume, narrow profit margins, and labor-intensive operations, the key to boosting profitability lies in cost reduction while simultaneously enhancing service quality. The Skilled layer picker gantry presents an exceptional approach to constructing mixed-layer pallets, comprising layers sourced from diverse pallet origins. Its primary advantage lies in its capacity to statically accommodate a considerable number of source pallets while dynamically picking from above.

This capability enhances performance in mixed-layer pallet creation, rendering it especially suitable for expansive facilities housing a broad spectrum of SKUs. Pallet outputs are referred to by various names, including rainbow pallets, customer pallets, sandwich pallets, and mixed-layer pallets. Similarly, input pallets go by different labels such as single-SKU pallets, inbound pallets or source pallets. Regardless of pallet type, the Skilled gantry can adeptly manage it.

The Skilled gantry solution brings substantial enhancements to the working environment within temperature-controlled warehouses. It can adapt to deep-freeze distribution centers, making it an ideal choice for automating the handling of frozen produce, perishable goods, and ambient-temperature items. The labor difficulties faced within the demanding conditions of refrigerated cold warehouses are well acknowledged. In these environments, skilled gantry automation not only improves accuracy and enhances throughput but also elevates productivity levels while concurrently lowering overall warehouse labor expenses. Additionally, it enables businesses to scale up and effectively manage higher volumes during peak periods.

Moreover, warehouse operations benefit from further streamlining and optimization through the adept handling capabilities of the skilled gantry system. With its universal head, it delicately manages a wide array of product types, including lightweight and heavy-duty items, multiple layers, cartons with loose lids, open crates, plastic totes, and various others.

While primarily designed for pallet-to-pallet handling, the Skilled layer picker gantry can also be integrated with our modular downstream equipment. Our experts can assist you in selecting from our standardized modules and designing a tailored solution to meet your business needs, including within the fresh food and retail markets (such as poultry, meat, bakery, dairy, vegetables, fruits, etc.).

Definitely we can highlight some key advantages of the gantry system: it stands out in leading the market with its high-volume pallet-to-pallet picking capabilities. It operates seamlessly even in freezing environments. The system’s flexibility allows for easy scalability to adapt to different sizes and quantities of pick pallets, ensuring it meets your specific needs efficiently. Furthermore, it can be enhanced with a pallet-to-descrambler solution, adding to its versatility and capabilities.

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