Machine for filled biscuits


Minipan machines are suitable for industrial confectioners and small workshops producing biscuits, traditional snacks, organic and gluten-free products. The picture shows Model SYR3 Coextruder for the production of filled biscuits, suitable to fill products with cream or jam, of different shapes and weight. The head with 3 removable cylinders can extrude any kind of dough, and the biscuit can be sealed in spherical as well as long shapes thanks to a “cut and seal” guillotine. With the help of customizable fittings, even the surface of the biscuit can be decorated with individual styles and patterns. The automatic tray-up feature allows to reduce labour to the only operations of trays (up to 20 trays), dough and filling feeding, to finally pick up the completed tray. Characterized by high flexibility, this machine can produce long shaped biscuits without filling (cantucci, krumiri, novellini), as well as a wide range of gluten-free products. All functions are controlled by PLC, to consent the maximum control and adjustment sensitivity. It is equipped with an 8” touch screen control panel, installed on a pivoting arm, thanks to which the operator can operate effortless the machine from each side. The machine is available in different versions, with automatic tray-up feature for baking trays from 400 to 800 mm width. Industrial versions are complete with interface for tunnel ovens or freezers of every dimension.