Lobe pumps for chocolate


OMAC lobe pumps of the B, BB/BA, and BE series are ideal for the production of chocolate, as confirmed by the last supply to the facilities of Amul (Mogar, India), fourth largest producer of chocolate after Cadbury, Ferrero and Nestlè, that expects an increase in productivity from 3000 to 12,000 tons per year. Heat transfer efficiency is provided by the heating jacket that has been specifically designed for chocolate. Single flushed “knife face” seals developed by Omac are ideal for chocolate with high sugar content. Whereas lip seals S1of the B series and S16 of the BB series are ideal for chocolate with sugar content <50%. Amul processes chocolate starting from cocoa beans. Therefore, the purchased pumps have been selected for cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, chocolate and soya lecithin. At the end of the production cycle, the chocolate product is used for a variety of chocolate-based products, such as dark and milk chocolate bars, ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate-based syrups, etc.

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