Industrial ink-jet


Zanasi announces the global launch of High Definition printing system Z640Plus designed to communicate image on porous and non-porous secondary packaging. New coding system is first in industry to provide independent printing on two production lines, for side and top coding up to 102 mm, industry leading print height. Printing system uses the new fast-drying and  high contrast patented inks to reproduce any type of texts, graphics or barcodes in high resolution on porous or non-porous packaging substrates, included standard of GS1 barcodes. This technology can help companies print, implement and guarantee GS1 traceability solutions. It reduces costs and the storage of different packaging, as coated corrugated boxes and shrink-wrapped trays, that not customized in offset. Direct printing of barcodes on outer packaging using inkjet printing systems is the most cost-effective method for printing, by purchasing a unique printhead for two different applications (porous and non-porous), with up 10x cost savings compared to labels. This approach also generates savings terms of employee training, spare parts and consumable expenses.

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