Tiber Pack S.p.A and Etipack S.p.A., smart multipack labelling for potato chip packages


An efficient solution to optimize the packaging process for the Amica Chips Company.

Amica Chips S.p.A, a well-known market-leading Italian food company specializing in the production of potato chips and packaged snacks – exported to more than 22 countries around the world, was looking for an efficient and sustainable solution to offer a new way of packaging potato chips in bags.

The challenge: automating the secondary packaging process by optimizing packaging impact

Tiber Pack’s expertise in always finding the best solutions for its customers made it possible to develop in collaboration with Etipack a multipack labeling system to be integrated into the process line at Amica Chips. From the outset, the system aimed to automate a process that had a high labor impact, making it simpler and more efficient. The union of Tiber Pack’s innovation and Etipack’s labeling expertise provided a remarkably efficient solution for Amica Chips: simple steps for a successful result.

The solution: customized packaging line to distribute and label multipack of 6 potato chips bags

The two companies designed a tailor-made system for picking, conveying and labelling multipack bags in which, the single chip packet taken from the vertical packaging machine is conveyed and appropriately rephased to a dual racetrack rotor that arranges them vertically, creating groupings of 6 packs. Then a dual-axis sweeper unit places the bundle in special holding compartments over a motorized chain that progresses step-by-step to the labeling stage.

A customized labelling System 5/2 with dual labelers positioned on opposing sides of a customized conveyor belt, allows two side labels to be applied simultaneously when passing batches of packages. This results in a single multipack at the outlet whose packages are holded thanks to the labels. The system enables the use of large labels, with lengths up to 250 mm. The solution is capable of keeping an output of 85 packs per minute (up to 15 multipacks per minute).

The results: a smart system that meets packaging needs while eliminating additional packaging

Thanks to the system designed by Tiber Pack – Etipack, Amica Chips secured a tailor-made system that allows single packs of chips to be vertically handled and assembled into a single multi-pack using labeling as a packaging method.

The system thus makes it possible to eliminate the use of additional packaging and subsequently reducing the use of plastic. This ensures to firstly, achieve significant economic savings and secondly, to significantly reduce the impact of the products on the environment.

From confectionery, to snacks, multipack labelling offers versatility while reducing packaging impact

Sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly strategic for companies and the environment. Etipack solutions, such as the one created for Amica Chips, prevent the use of additional plastic, thus offering companies interesting opportunities to effectively combine sustainability with product rationale.

Application areas are wide-ranging, including solutions for sweet and savory baked goods and snacks, such as cookies, snacks, chips, and saltines. The labelling systems offer several customization levels allowing multipacks of different formats by simultaneously applying opposing labels when passing batches of individual products – such as packages and pouches – or even packages containing several products.

More information www.etipack.it/en/case-history-en/labelling-for-multipack-of-amica-chips-potato-chips/

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