Flag-bearer packaging


Flag-bearer of the exclusive Goglio’s offer, the GNova lines starting from z-belt pre-made pouches are ideal to pack liquid, doughy and formulated products, chunks, granules and powders thanks to the different available versions: with vacuum bell, for products which undergo sterilization processes as ready meals, tuna and rice, as well as for dry products vacuum packed and/or with gas compensation; hot filling for vegetable preserves; aseptic, starting from sterile pre-made pouches. Manufactured with 2, 4, 6 or even 10 filling stations working simultaneously to reach the speed of up to 160 pcs/minute. GNova lines are flexible: the central saddle enables a high automation and a continuous feed of the machine. Size changes, to produce packs with formats from 70 ml up to 10 litres for both catering and retail markets, are very simple and fast, to produce packs for all tastes. In the table can find the specification of every single model: have a check, you’ll discover that GNova is the answer for to solve all packaging.

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