Drainage and moulding for curd


Priamo Food Technologies offers a new flexible line of drainage and moulding for curd which will meet for manufacturers at small and medium producers in order to reduce the costs and production time. Target achieved by proposing a standard, simply customized line easily inserted in the existing process lines of dairies. The specifications are: easy change of product, size and piece; easy placement thanks to its small dimension; simple to use thanks to its automation system; low cost of maintenance thanks to simple mechanical and electronic solution; entirely made of stainless steel. This line can be placed downstream of any coagulation vat and fed either by gravity or by pump; it uses a drainage roller at variable speed and one dosage system through a moulding tray easily changeable. The high part of the line is provided with a curd transport and trimming system with recovery of product in excess. The low part of the line is equipped with a handling system of forming moulds.

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