Easy-to-handle computerized depository machines for pastry and bakery


All computerized biscuit depository machines produced by Delfin have been designed to be versatile and easy to handle and to meet the various processing needs of confectioners regarding automatic dosing and forming of any type of dough.

Many models are available, characterized by numerous optional accessories to suit all needs, including motorized rotary nozzle plate, wire-cutting device, pump head roller. Standard is the motorized extrusion head, which allows the creation of rotated shapes (doughnuts, half moons etc.).

The shape of the spout and its rotation allow the creation of “moving shapes”, even overlapping ones. On request, the depositing machines can be equipped with a wire-cutting device for wire-cut cookies. The dough goes through a mould and immediately after the wire cuts it , giving life to the cookie in the desired shape.

The mould is custom designed to allow various shapes to be obtained. For soft or semi-liquid doughs Delfin’s machines are equipped with a pump head roller assembly for the creation of macarons, cupcakes, éclairs, sponge cake etc.  The pump head is supplied as a complete, independent accessory, that can be installed whenever required in less than a minute.

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