Monoblocs ultraclean with automatic cleaning


Zilli & Bellini is following the strategy of research and development in the food & beverage technology. The company offers solutions to clean, to fill and to close glass, plastic, tin plate or aluminum containers. The monobloc ultraclean is an integrated system to make all the phases in a controlled environment.

All the process is made in an area where we have overpressure of sterile air (Laminar Flow). A system of high efficiency filters introduces sterile air into the machine. After the filling phase the containers are moved inside a synchronized monobloc without any spillage of product before and during the closing phase.

The operator controls the entire process through an interactive touch screen panel. To install a monobloc instead of stand alone machines allows the customer to save space inside the workshop. When we are talking about special products like low fat mayonnaise the containers and the caps are sanitized by a process that use first a sterilization solution with peracetic acid, then they are rinsed with sterile water.

Peroxide treatments are also possible. All the ambient is insulated and controlled: the transports are sanitized continuously, and a flow of sterile air put barriers at the inlet and outlet of the containers. Zilli & Bellini purpose a system for the automatic cleaning of the monobloc where the operator is never involved even for the cleaning of critical parts like valves and pistons.

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