Cube evaporators retarder prover


Gavacold proposes the range of FCK retarder provers to meet the production needs of bakery and pastry. Thanks to internal thermodynamics, they ensure the homogeneous maturing of any kind of dough. The longitudinal ducts set air in circular motion inside the whole chamber.

During the hold-state phase, the operating mode is similar to that of a static cell, with minimum impact of the air in motion on the dough pieces, providing for a homogeneous maturation in the whole cell, and preventing several defects such as skin effect, speckled surface, red colour during baking.

Cube evaporators set in motion a volume of air that produces a high thermal exchange. As a consequence, the cooling gets faster, and the condensing unit will work less with appreciable energy savings and shorter cell preparation time; dough pieces will reach quickly the storage temperature, stopping the proving at the beginning.

The configuration of the refrigerating plant is designed to keep relative humidity at optimum levels also during the cold phase. The great volume of air in motion and the greater heating exchange enable big-sized dough pieces maturation to be managed efficiently.