Atex hoses for powdery products


Pharmadust/AS is the hose proposed by MTG for conveying powders in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Among its properties, there is the possibility of conveying powders which in contact with humidity can emit acids that would corrode the AISI 316 steel parts of the fitting.

The hose also withstands sterilization and CIP cleaning cycles, and is antistatic, hence ideal if the product conveyed in the hose produces electric charges. It is also approved and certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (Atex). The hose is made with a technopolymer with high abrasion resistance, so that conveying abrasive powders does not affect its lifetime.

This technopolymer can discharge static electricity even without embedded copper wires in the structure of the hose. Rubber beaded ends grant full flow of the media conveyed with no variation of the inner diameter of the hose.