Continuous-cycle tempering machine for chocolate


Gami T600 is an automatic, continuous-cycle tempering machine with uniform and accurate water-bath melting thanks to the heated recirculation pump. The cooling with air system is obtained via a refrigerant compressor ensuring high power and allowing to process chocolate keeping it at a constant temperature.

The trolley supplied with the machine (working width 600 mm) allows to have an enrobing system complete also with dispenser, blower, wire-mesh belt beater and adjustable tail-cutting device. The bowl (capacity 80 kg) is equipped with a mixer that keeps the chocolate fluid and even.

The stainless steel auger for product recirculation is controlled by an inverter. Built in stainless steel Aisi 304, the tempering machine ensures an output of 320 kg/h. A simple system allows to extract the auger for cleaning in less than fine minutes, without tools. At the end of the chocolate dispensing, the electronic board activates a reverse rotation of the auger to drain the pipes and facilitate subsequent restarts.