Chocolate production


Since 1977, FBM has been producing chocolate processing machines for customers around the world, from small bakeries and chocolateries to production companies. Over the years, the company has specialized in the production of bean-to-bar machinery for producing chocolate, starting from the processing of cocoa beans up to the production of finished chocolate bars.

The company’s catalogue includes a line of machinery that performs the peeling and cutting of the cocoa beans, refining, tempering of melted chocolate, dosing and cooling. FBM products include biscuit-making machines like the Tower Drop model, for example, the last stage of a long journey that began in 1999 with the sector’s first bench-type dough-feeding system.

The machine, which has 60×40 cm baking trays, has a simplified electronic card and touch-screen panel. It features a wire-cutting system and is suitable for feeding dense, semi-dense and whisked doughs, like those used for sponge cakes. The dough-feeder allows you to choose between 100 programmes and 25 working parameters and reaches 30 drop cycles/minute.

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