Automatic micro-ingredients weighing


Lawer supports food manufacturers with automatic weighing systems of powder micro-ingredients which guarantee high productivity, constant quality, and complete process traceability, while eliminating the “human error” factor.

All the automatic powder weighing systems can grant: quality of the finished product, weighing precision, replicability of the recipes, right balance of raw materials, production management, efficiency and cost reduction, complete confidentiality of know-how, optimisation of production, and less production time.

Lawer can supply different models of Automatic weighing systems, with mono, double or multi scales technology, with different levels of accuracy (1 – 0.1 g or 0.01 g) and capacity of powders’ storage (from 50 up to 1800 l each hopper). In photo Unica HD, with 8-16 or 24 silos stainless-steel silos with a capacity of 50 l, electronic scale with 30 kg capacity and a resolution of 1 g.

Unica Twin has independent storage silos to store different ingredients and suction-filtering device which grant safety and clean working area. Each silo is equipped with dosing screw patended.

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