Removal of water droplets or moisture residues


With its three business units, FPZ side-channel blowers, metering pumps, and industrial fans are frequently used in the food & beverage sector in various forms and applications: Food drying systems; CIP systems; pneumatic presses and conveyors.

The range also includes the Windblade Air Knife, which, used in combination with a side-channel blower, allows the removal of water droplets or condensate generated during the washing process of glass bottles. After this process, the bottles are perfectly dry and ready for packaging, easier to handle and label.

The shape and internal/external geometry of the air blades have been designed to offer greater efficiency, as a result of detailed analysis on air flows and their interaction with the physical structure of the tube.

The AISI 304 stainless steel construction makes them corrosion resistant, and therefore ideal for more aggressive environments and drying, cooling and cleaning tasks. In the food & beverage sector, they can be used for drying glass bottles and jars, plastic bags, and for the drying of fruit and vegetables.