Wireless temperature monitoring


The FT-300 Data Logger is designed for integration into a wireless monitoring network where other radio modules may already be present.

The Econorma device has a unique, non-erasable serial number and can store up to 500,000 readings. Powered by lithium battery, rechargeable by USB, it has two leds: red for low battery, green for normal operation.

The measurement recording date is gained from the PC during the periodic download of data. Max./min. alarm thresholds and a description to indicate the type of parameter and its use can be entered. Data from multiple sensors can be stored or transmitted via radio. Communication with the PC takes place through the USB port complete with drivers.

Different models available: FT-300/TA with internal digital probe, operating range 0/50°C in dry environment; FT-300/TE with external digital probe and silicone cable, operating range -40/+125°C; FT-300/PT1 with digital probe and penetration tip; FT-300/Pt100 with external three-wire probe, operating range -100/+200°C. The built-in data collection software allows parameter setting and the download of stored measurements, readable with any program.

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