Automatic pastry depositing machines


Delfin proposes Tago 600, an automatic pastry depositing machine for double colour biscuits and fillings, complete with automatic tray feeding. Easy to clean, it is flexible and equipped with functional solutions that make operation and maintenance intuitive and reduce downtime.

The modular single-block head, with independent rollers, is supported on both sides to ensure perfect alignment of the rollers and allow the combined extrusion of different mixes. Transmission occurs with brushless motors, with adjustable dosing speed and time, and anti-dripping cycle.

The roller chamber is designed to prevent dough leakage. The main characteristics are: output up to 350 kg/h of extruded products with stuffing; cantilever structure in stainless steel and aluminium anticorodal with mechanical parts on the back; tray transport conveyor length 1350 mm; two tray transport belts 60x80x2 cm; automatic tray feed with sensor detection complete with automatic tray calculation; tray side-guide adjustable in width; guide rollers of nylon belts complete with flanges and bearings; automatic dough detachment at the end of the depositing. Removable dismantling of the hoppers to carry out daily cleaning operations.

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