Hot filling of fruit juices


Voljet is a filling monobloc specifically developed by Melegari Technology (Promec Group) for filling “hot” products such as fruit juices with and without pulp or fibres, in glass and PET bottles. It is available both in the version with a mechanical or electronic filling valve with magnetic or mass flow meters.

The particular design of the filling valve allows the product to be recirculated inside the valve, to keep a constant temperature of the whole circuit in case of machine stop. The filler can be equipped with an electro-pneumatic valve for product recirculation ensuring the quality of the final product. All seals are limited in number, and made of FDA approved material.

The monobloc design complies with EHEDG hygienic guidelines. The monobloc can be equipped with the most different cappers for the application of plastic or twist-off capsules. The machine can be supplied with inclined stainless steel base to facilitate washing and drainage; dummy bottles for closed circuit sanitation of the parts in contact with the product; bottle preheating tunnel and many other options. All functions are controlled via a touch-screen operator panel, with very low need for manual interventions.

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