Weighing and packaging


Among the novelties presented by Comek, there is the high-speed weighing and packaging line comprising multi-head weigher and vertical packaging machine Omnya 330-HS with new Open-Frame structure. These low-profile weighers feature only rear mechanical parts for easier cleaning. The vertical packaging unit, idea for aggressive and difficult environments, facilitates cleaning interventions. The main technical properties are: power system in DC bus voltage for energy saving; servomotor brushless with one-cable technology; multilingual touch-screen panel with IP technology. The weighing and packaging line in Doy-pack pouches with zipper comprises a linear multi-head weigher CK05ST and a vertical packaging machine Omnya 330-HS with traditional frame. The weigher features stainless steel Aisi 304 memory baskets for medium production, providing for a better infeed of the product. It is suitable for fragile products if conveyor belts are used instead of the chute. The filling and packaging line for Stabilo-packs consists of vertical dosing unit and vertical packaging unit VPB 330. The dosing unit is equipped with a stainless steel hopper.

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